Fall 2020: Counterclock Issue 10, four collages

Spring 2020: Bracken, two photographs

Fall 2019/Winter 2020: River River, three photographs

Fall 2019/Winter 2020: Lily Poetry Review, one collage

Fall 2019: NUNUM journal, one collage

Fall 2019: Memoir Magazine, one photograph

Spring 2019: Anastamos journal, "Passing" issue, five collages
Spring 2019: Constellations journal, one photograph
Spring 2019: Memoir magazine, one collage
Spring 2019: Mud Season Review, featured artist, six collages and an interview
Spring 2019: Stoneboat magazine, print journal, cover art, one collage
Spring 2019: The Penn Review, print and digital journal, one collage
September 2017: Still Point Arts Quarterly, print and digital journal, one collage
Fall 2017: Hospital Drive, "Decisions" issue, one photograph
June 2017: Blink-Ink, "Enchanted Forest" print issue, one collage
June 2015: To the Point (CPSA's twice-yearly full-color news magazine), one collage
Spring 2015: Still Point Arts Quarterly
Winter 2013: Portfolio in Stone Voices
June 2013: Stone Voices, the "River" issue, one collage

2013: Cover artist, Suddenly Lost in Words, volume 2, fiction e-zine for young adult readers, available for purchase as e-book download from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 
2012: Finalist, Photographer's Forum magazine: 32nd Annual Spring Photography Contest. Published in the hardcover book Best of Photography 2012 in November 2012

Women Artists Datebook, published by Syracuse Cultural Workers, one collage

Women Artists Datebook, published by Syracuse Cultural Workers, one collage

Hunterdon County Democrat supplement Hunterdon Life, November 1, 2007, interview and 4 collages

The Eclectic Muse, 1 collage ("The Cellist") paired with a poem
2007: Tattoo Highway 14, five collages (including the cover of the issue and the contest)

2007: Color Wheel music issue, five collages

2006: Diner, 3 collages; Tattoo Highway 13, five collages
Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry, Music

Winter 2021: The Fabulist, "Sisters"

Fall 2021: Gargoyle Magazine, "Albumleaf"

May 2021: Months To Years, "Appointment"

April 2021:  Reservoir Road Literary Journal, "Empty Bathroom"

Spring 2021: Signs of Life Anthology, "The Halo" 

2021: Scriblerus, Travel Issue, "Returning" (solo piano composition)

2021: The Chaffin Journal, "Witness"

Winter 2021: The Plentitudes Journal, "Seeing You"

Winter 2021: Reservoir Road Literary Journal, "Waiting"

November 2020: The Parliament Literary Magazine, "Elegy"

Spring 2020, The Fabulist, "Apartment for Rent" 

January 2020, Verbal Silences, poetry chapbook 

Winter 2020: Lou Lit magazine, "Longing Time"

Fall 2019: Constellations journal, "Gridlock"

Fall 2019: Helen Literary Journal, "Library Book"

Spring 2019: Duck Lake Journal, "Rondo"

Spring 2019: *82 Review, "Refinishing"

Fall 2017: The Hungry Chimera, "Effects of Stress"

2010: INDA 5 (an anthology of drawings and writings about drawing, published by Manifest, Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center, Cincinnati, OH), "Contour Drawing"

2008: Strange Attractors, "Where the Kissing Never Stops"

Spring 1983: University of Windsor Review, "Intersections"

Children's Books

Never Stop Drawing, Second Chances, Ruthie's Magic Sweater, and Open can be ordered from Shanti Arts Publishing, an independent publisher of art, nature, photography, poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and children's books, and from Amazon.  


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