Mixed Media Collage, Illustration, Photography

by Ann J. Calandro

Artist Statement

My collages incorporate paper, colored pencil, marker, ink, pastel, paint, chalk, fabric, and photographs that I take. I create them on matboard and, occasionally, on reclaimed furniture. My art style is realism, more or less, but there’s something askew about it. I think of it as enchanted realism, the intersection between the real and the imaginary, the possible and the impossible, and memories and dreams.

I've also written three and illustrated four children's books, which can be purchased from  Shanti Arts Publishing and on Amazon.

I've been influenced by Henri Rousseau, who set out to reproduce the world photographically and ended up creating a world of enchantment; by Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence, and Della Wells, whose artwork is a symphony of color and narrative; by Alice Hoffman, whose books mix realism with fables and myths; and by many other artists, writers, and musicians. I often get ideas for my artwork from songs, and I like to incorporate words into my artwork.